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SDS Retreat


The combined Salvatorian Retreat cum Workshop was held from July 9-13, 2015 in Bangalore, 18-20 in Warangal and 23-27 in Shillong. It was animated by Rev. Fr. Peter Van Meijl, SDS, from Austrian Province. He has extensively studied and made research on the Charism and Spirituality of Our Founder Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. The participants were Fathers, Sisters, Deacons, Novices, and students of theology and philosophy. The topics of the session were very interesting as they highlighted the original spirit of the Founder. Fr. Peter Van Meijl, SDS, was successful in imparting the zeal of the Founder to the participants. He could vividly present the life and works of the First Salvatorian Missionaries.

Each day, priests were assigned to preside over the Holy Eucharist. The power-point presentations and the printed materials were of great use. Another highlight of the entire session was the focus on the Spiritual Diary (SD) of our Founder Fr. Jordan, which is a great testimony to his personality. Everyone at the end of the Workshop was able to know and is encouraged to study the SD in an orderly and a systematic manner. It was indeed a spiritual food for thought and reflection for the participants. The entire team has benefitted a lot from the Retreat. It is to be noted that the workshop took place during the course of the Jubilee of the Salvatorians: (1890-2015; 1989-1914), a tribute to the vision of Fr. Jordan and the tireless efforts of our First Missionaries to Assam.