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Salvatorian Key Elements
We Salvatorians, men and women, religious and lay, describe our Salvatorian charism, mission spirituality and identity by stating that these elements are all inseparably related to one another. Charism and mission are two sides of the same coin, which are lived out in spirituality. Identity is the composite of specific Salvatorian characteristics that we recognize in ourselves and by which we are recognized by others.
  • Charism is a specific gift given by the Holy Spirit to a person or a group for the sake of others so that God be better known and loved.
  • Mission is that dimension of the charism by which the one who receives the gift is sent to share it with others.
  • Spirituality is a dynamic way that a person or a group lives out their specific charism and mission given by God.
  • Identity is who we are to ourselves, as well as how others see us. This is the incarnation of our charism, mission and spirituality.

Salvatorian Charism:
The founding charism is the specific gift of the Holy Spirit given to Fr. Jordan for the Church and the world. It is rooted especially in four biblical texts that are key to His life and work.  They are at the core of the charism he communicates to all of us Salvatorians.

  • And eternal life is this: to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.(John 17:3 )
  • Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you. And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.(Matthew 28:19-20 )
  • And he said to them, “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the gospel to all Creation.” (Mark 16:15)
  • But the wise shall shine brightly like the splendor of the firmament, and those who lead the many to justice shall be like the stars forever.(Daniel 12:3)

The Key elements in these foundational texts:

  • live eternal life
  • know the one true God and the one he sends, Jesus Christ
  • follow in the footsteps of the apostles
  • make disciples of all nations
  • lead others to eternal truth and justice
  • proclaim the universality of Christ’s message
  • be able to discern the signs of the times

Salvatorian Mission:

We Salvatorians are sent in mission to announce through our lives and actions the gospel message as contained in the key elements of the charism.

  • make known the Savior
  • work for the fullness of life or salvation
  • lead others to a conscious awareness of God
  • support one another in our apostolic commitment
  • involve others in the mission
  • emphasize the role of the lay apostle
  • proclaim the message to all people, everywhere and at all times, by ways and means the love of Christ inspires.

Salvatorian Spirituality:
Salvatorian Spirituality is the way we live out our charism and mission in a concrete day-to-day life. Specific elements of this spirituality are:

  • knowing God, that is, experiencing God as the center of our lives
  • trusting in Divine Providence living holiness as a vocation and  helping others to do the same
  • manifesting the goodness and kindness of the Savior
  • being people of prayer
  • being poor in spirit
  • having apostolic zeal
  • living out truth, justice, solidarity, and faithfulness
  • being willing to bear the cross for the sake of the mission
  • loving inclusively
  • following the example of Mary by making the Savior known
  • loving the Church
  • living the simplicity of the sons and daughters of God

Salvatorian Identity
We identified ourselves as Salvatorians by the way we live out our charism, mission and spirituality both individually and as a group.  We are bonded together in mutual commitment to be the incarnated expression of these key elements through which others are able to identify us as Salvatorians.